Thank you for your support!

Thanks so much to everyone who has already donated to our October DVD Fundraiser! We’ve been so touched by your donations, we thought we’d share some of the special words of encouragement we’ve received.

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There are five days left in our October DVD Fundraiser. Donate $15 by October 31, and you’ll receive a DVD advance copy of the completed film. Donate Now


October DVD Fundraiser

After two years of hard work, SOLO is ready to soar! You can help us complete the film by donating toward the final post-production costs.

Every little bit helps. Donate at least $15 in the month of October, and you’ll get a DVD advance copy of the completed film.

 When we dreamed up SOLO in 2011, we didn’t have deep pockets or Hollywood “juice,” so we funded the project the old-fashioned way — draining our 401(k), bartering, calling in favors, and gratefully accepting time and financial contributions from friends, family, and small businesses.

We were blessed to be able to shoot an ambitious script in five days, with a cast, crew, and pilots who worked for free and happily bunked together in a small vacation house on the St. John’s River.

​As filmmakers, we feel the only way to repay them is to make the final product something they can be proud of — and we need YOUR help to make that happen.

Now through October 31, kick in just $15, and we’ll send you an advance copy DVD of the completed film. Donate online or contact us for details on how to send a check.